by Claude Thomas

Psalm 11

Introduction: Sometimes you receive good advice and other times you receive bad advice. Bad advice can come from well-meaning friends. I'll never forget such an experience. A well-meaning friend advised me to invest in silver futures on the daily stock market. So, as a novice, I took the advice and bought my first futures contract. All was going well until a certain day in Dallas when a well-known Dallas family sent the silver market into a craze. friend's advice turned into bad advice that day because I barely escaped the episode with my shirt!

David's friends also gave him some well-intentioned advice. But David wisely refused. He steadfastly trusted God for deliverance from destruction.

Transition Statement: Today, let us look together at...

I. The threat of destruction - vv. 1b-3

Explanation: The occasion of the Psalm is uncertain. David's very life had been under threat on several occasions, but distinct periods of threatening destruction are apparent. David's persecution by Saul was one such period. Another was the time of Absalom's rebellion and assault on David's life. In either period, his life was under the threat of destruction. He knew that threat.

Transition Statement: Observe how it is described as being ...

Imminent. The arrow is set against the string. The bow is drawn. The aim is taken. And quietly -- as an assassin -- destruction lurks in the crevices of a craggy night ready to pounce upon its prey.

Insidious. Craftily and certainly the enemy is pictured as working to tear down the very foundations of state, government -- society.

While we may not be able to identify the specific period in David's life, nor the exact enemy threatening to destroy him, we can easily identify the ultimate enemy of all men and the ultimate destroyer of humanity. I Peter 5:8 identifies our adversary and his intent (read text).

Transition Statement Satan is seeking to dest ...

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