by Jerry Watts

Possessing Our Possession
Jerry Watts
Numbers 13:1-14:4

Here we are at the end of a Calendar year. The Holidays of Christmas and New Year are soon to pass and what lies ahead of us is a blank calendar. What lies behind us is done, what lies ahead is yet to be seen. Tonight is the time to actively move into the thought processes for a New Year. The choice we face is to try to live in the past or live for the future.

There is a grave difference in 'living' in the past and remembering the past. Remembering can be healthy when we draw strength from the times of victories, from those times when the Lord, in His gracious love, gave us victories which were unexplainable. Remembering is also helpful when we look back on the difficult days and learn the lessons from those time to allow God to use our hurts and failures to make us stronger not sour and better not bitter.

Living in the past basically means we have chosen something (good or bad) in the past and refuse to let it go. Everything we do, we see through the lens of wanting things to be like they used to be. Candidly, when a person (you or me) decides to live in the past invites death on them. Fear becomes a constant companion and the future becomes an enemy because time doesn't return.

We stand on the threshold of a New Year (If the Lord tarries in His coming) and it is similar to the Children of Israel at Kadesh-Barnea. In our text, over a year has now passed since they left the captivity of Egypt. They now stand on the threshold of receiving the Land Promised by God Himself to their Patriarch Abraham many years earlier. This promise had been repeated to Jacob and Moses and here they stand looking over into this new land. You know the story. They chose and sent in a committee of 12 to bring back a report. What does it look like? The report was: ''This land is everything that's been reported.'' But now they are faced with a huge choice.

What would they do? Some would ask 'what could they do?' Let's ...

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