by Jerry Watts

Be a Wise Person
Jerry Watts
Matthew 2:1-12

Jesus Christ is the dividing line for mankind. The most obvious illustration of this is that His birth divides time. He also is the eternal standard bearer for right and wrong, good and bad, as well as wicked and righteous. When you read His words, He also will (one day) divide the sheep from the goats, is the dividing line between the saved and lost, as well as the eternal dividing line as to who gets to heaven and who spends eternity in hell. Jesus is the dividing line for mankind.

We can follow this truth to a new height in the 21 Century. We are being told that public prayers are, once again, okay IF we leave out Jesus. Why? Once again, Jesus is the dividing line, because He and His cross is an offense to the lost world. Human logic wants to change the word, message, process, and thus the instructions of the Lord Jesus' to the world, which is come to me, take up your cross, deny yourself, die to self, and follow me. Candidly, the world is not real big on any-thing that lessens focus on #1 and being able to live life the way we want and then trusting to God accept as we are instead of what He has called us to be. God has a higher standard than we know.

Looking at this, we can clearly see the distinction or dividing line between the wicked and the wise.

Attributes of the Wicked - The part of the 'wicked' is being portrayed by Herod. Herod was the King of his little world. By the way, he thought he owned the world, well at least the part that was worth owning. Frequently, people find their world shattered when they realize there is someone bigger than them. I am a ''Trekkie'' which means I love the TV and Movie series ''Star Trek.'' In ''The Next Generation'' the Enterprise begins to initiate contact with a world who is about to discover space travel. This particular society believes themselves to be only one in existence.

After the Captain and crew make contact with the leader of this planet, the leade ...

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