by Claude Thomas

Psalm 106

Introduction: Years ago, Janice and I went on a mission trip to India. We stayed at the beautiful Taj Mahal Hotel in Bombay. It was a luxurious hotel with nine major restaurants. Gorgeous Oriental rugs graced the floors of the lobby and Oriental runners were on the stairs from the lobby to the second floor landing.

However, the scene just outside the area around the hotel changed dramatically. The city was marred by filth and the stench of vile odors. Dirty human bodies lined the sidewalks at night and dead human bodies were left on the streets until noon the next day. Decay of society and decay of human bodies marked the streets of that large city.

Yet, in the midst of the marred city stands the majestic Taj Mahal. In Psalm 106, the faithfulness of God is majestically set in the midst of the failure of man. As the Taj Mahal is a stark contrast to the streets of Bombay, so the faithfulness of God is a stark contrast the failure of man.

When the Psalmist observed this, he desired to be numbered among God's chosen ones. As we observe the faithfulness of God and the failure of man, I pray you will have an awareness of personal sin and failure, and will turn to God who is faithful in all His ways.

Transition Statement: Observe with the Psalmist the . . .

I. Failure of man

Transition Statement: This occupies the majority of the Psalm. It resembles a . . .
Catalogue of Sin.

Illustration: When we moved from Williamsburg to Dallas, I was shocked at the phone book. The yellow pages looked like a catalogue of everything possible. When we read Psalm 106, the failure of Israel looks like a . . .

Explanation: Catalogue of sin.
Vv. 7-12 - Rebellion
Vv. 13-15 - Restlessness
Vv. 16-18 - Resentment
Vv. 19-23 - Idolatry
Vv. 24-27 - Infidelity
Vv. 28-31 - Apostasy
Vv. 32-33 - Provocation
Vv. 34-39 - Paganization

Application: Catalogue of sin reveals the sin problem that did not begin wi ...

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