by Ernest Easley

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Advancing on our Knees - Part 1 (1 of 4)
Series: Prayer
Ernest L. Easley
Mark 1

There is something refreshing about a new start and that's exactly what a new year brings: a new start! A new start brings the hope of something better and stronger!

And that's what 2015 brings us as a fellowship: the hope of something better and stronger! Last year was an incredible year for evangelism. To name a few:

Our 49 members Brazil mission team saw 419 people come to Christ in salvation. Churches in the area were given their names and contact information for follow up. One of those was this Brazilian man I sat beside while watching the Nigerian Soccer Team practice. He spoke no English. I speak a little Portuguese. None of that was an issue for the Holy Spirit. He prayed and gave his heart to Jesus while we sat there!

The lady next to him overheard all of this and come to find out, she was already a believer and they sat there the next 30 minutes talking about the things of God. At least, I think that's what they were talking about.

We saw 99 children come to Jesus through VBS and Upwards Basketball this past year.

We saw 36 people make decisions for Christ during our October Block Party.

We saw another 76 people come to Christ through our week-to-week ministries and camps and baptized with several more awaiting baptism.

We saw 68 people pray to receive Christ through Mission Marietta.

Through our efforts in 2014, we saw 419 people make decisions for Christ overseas and 279 people make decisions for Christ locally for a total of 698 people, as we expanded the Kingdom of God. And those are the ones we know about.

And your giving over $311,000.00 last month through the World Mission Offering will certainly open doors this year for getting the gospel out starting right here on our campus.

Now that's the good news! The bad news is that our Sunday School and Worship attendance and Giving was down from the previous year. And that decline must stop ...

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