by Rex Yancey

Why is it Important to Go to Church?
Rex Yancey
Hebrews 10:19-25

When I discovered America in 1948, I resided in the Yancey home. I was just a baby. I needed attention, training, sustenance, and my mother would tell you, discipline! I was blessed to grow up in a home.

When I was born again in 1958, I became a member of a church home. I was a baby. I needed attention, training, sustenance, and discipline. I have never known what it would be like not to have a church home.

After 45 years of ministry, ten churches, and hundreds of revivals, and my observation of people, I believe I can answer the title question to this sermon this morning.

2/3 of all Americans found something to do today rather than go to church. A big portion of them would claim they believe most of the same things you believe. They believe in God. They believe Jesus is the Son of God. They believe in heaven. They pray. But many of them go to church three times in their lives: when they are born, when they get married, and when they die. I call it hatching, matching, and dispatching!

They have water thrown on them the first time; rice the second, and dirt the third. People have told me they will come to church when they get things straightened out. My answer to them was ''But we will have to roll you down the isle then!''

But has it ever crossed your mind as your travel to church, ''If they don't go to church, why should I?'' My dad did not go to church much during my growing up years. I used to say to my mother, ''When I grow up I will stay at home with my dad.'' In other words, if it is not important to him, why should it be important to me?

¬I can give you practical reasons for going to church. It is good for your health. Few people die in church. I heard a story about an ambulance driver who was called to go to the local church to pick up a person who had died. He stayed there so long the director of the funeral home called to see what was going on. The driver said, ''We pi ...

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