by Jeff Strite

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Rocky IV - The Comeback Kid (4 of 4)
Series: Rocky
Jeff Strite
Acts 4:1-31

OPEN: In the 70's there was runaway hit movie starring Sylvester Stallone, entitled ''Rocky.''
Many people, including myself were unaware that the movie was based on a real life boxer named Chuck Werner - otherwise known as the Bayonne Bleeder (because he bled so easily and freely throughout his fights).

Werner was a good fighter, but not really a ''great fighter,'' and so when he was scheduled to fight the great Mohammed Ali almost everyone figured he wouldn't last through the first few rounds. He was a 20 to 1 underdog and just before the bout, Ali had bragged: ''I'm getting paid $1.5 million to fight this pug, and it's fool's gold. This sucker is a cinch.'' He went on to predict he'd knock Werner out in 3 rounds!

That's not the way it turned out. Werner prepared harder for that fight than any he had ever had before. As a result, not only did he last thru 15 rounds, he actually knocked Ali down with one of his punches - something very few of the best boxers had accomplished.

After the fight, Ali praised Werner by saying ''There's not another human being in the world that can go 15 rounds like that.''

According to the AP's account, ''For 14 rounds, and most of the 15th, the big, awkward, barroom brawler from New Jersey stood toe to toe with the world titleholder, taking Ali's best shots without buckling.''

APPLY: The ''Bayonne Bomber'' shouldn't have been able to last in the ring with Mohammed Ali for 3 rounds... let alone 15. He wasn't nearly as good a fighter as Ali had been. And yet he did what few of the best could do: he stayed on his feet to the final round, and he gave nearly as good as he got.

That's the stuff of legend
The tale of heroes
The plot line of a dozen different movies

It's the story of a lost cause,
A fighter past his prime,
Outmatched and beaten
And yet coming back in the final rounds to arise victorious, beating the more powerful a ...

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