by Rex Yancey

How to Make the Most of a New Year
Rex Yancey
Hebrews 11:24-27

All of us in our own way seek to find meaning to life. This requires choices on our part. Solomon and Moses would be an example in contrast as to the choices they made.

Solomon tried many things in his search for meaning in life. He tried lust, luxury, learning, liquor, labor, and laughter before he finally tried the Lord.

Moses was one of the greatest men in the OT, if not the greatest. He was the opposite of Solomon. He did not reign on a throne. He built no pyramids. Why did God use him in such a remarkable way?

He wrote the first five books in the OT. He led Israel out of bondage. He led the people in the wilderness for 40 years. He performed miracles.

Moses had a learning curve to go through before God could use him. How can we make the most of the New Year? I would like to offer some suggestions.


Moses faced an identity crisis in his life. He had to answer this question, who am I? He was born a humble Hebrew slave; his mother put him in a basket to try to protect him from being killed. Pharaoh's daughter found him and raised him. But as a man he faced this question ''Am I the son of slaves, or a son of royalty? Do I belong in the palace, or along side the Israelites?

-One reality of life is you must know who you are and be what you are to find meaning in life. You can't be somebody else.

-Moses decided to be himself. He first offered excuses as to why he couldn't answer God's call to be the deliverer. But he finally took God at His word and obeyed Him.

-When we get to the point of being who we are it frees us from the responsibility of having to measure up to somebody else.

-Have you ever admired another Christian because of their abilities, talents, and personality? They can sing, teach, or preach. If I could just be like that person, I could find meaning in life.

-Young preachers are always being compared to someone else. Either ...

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