by Rex Yancey

The Secret of Contentment
Rex Yancey
Philippians 4:10-13

An airline pilot was flying over the Tennessee Mountains and pointed out a lake to his co-pilot. “See that lake?” he said. “When I was a kid I used to sit there and fish from a row boat. Every time a plane would fly overhead, I’d look up and wish I was flying it. Now I look down and wish I was in rowboat fishing.”

There was a pastor who visited an insane asylum. He saw a man seated twiddling his thumbs. He asked his guide who the man was. He said, “That is a pastor who always wanted a big church and never got it.” They went on down the hall and saw another man twiddling his thumbs. “And who is that,” the pastor said. The guide said, “That is another pastor who got that big church.”

Paul is giving the Philippians the secret of contentment buried in a thank you note. The church had sent a financial gift to him.

In that day and time, prisoners had to supply their own meals. The state did not feed them. It was left up to family and friends to feed them.

Here is Paul in prison filled with contentment. We are often filled with complaints:

We complain the children are too loud, instead of being thankful they are healthy.

We complain about our home, when thousands have no home.

We complain about work, when millions have no job.

We fuss about our cars, when many have never seen a car.

We complain about our meals, when millions will go to bed hungry.

We complain about our 35’ t. v. when others do not have electricity.

A rich industrialist was perturbed to find a fisherman sitting by his boat. “Why aren’t you fishing?” “I have caught enough for today.” “Why don’t you catch more than you need?” “What would I do then?” “You could earn more money, buy a bigger boat so you can go deeper and catch more fish.” “Then what would I do?” “You could sit down and enjoy life.” “What do you think I am doing now?”

What is the secret of contentment?

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