by Joe Alain

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To Tell the Truth (9 of 10)
Series: The Ten Commandments
Joe Alain
Exodus 20:16

The ninth message in a series of ten sermons on the Ten Commandments.

''You shall not bear false witness against your neighbor.'' Exodus 20:16, NKJV

Sermon Outline Overview:
Truthfulness Is Essential . . .
1. For a secure society
2. For developing Christian community
3. For salvation
4. For fellowship with God

Today we come to the ninth of the Ten Commandments. To tell the truth seems such a simple thing to understand and do yet truthfulness is so frequently disregarded in our day. Here are some statistics on lying. And you know what they say about statistics, ''Figures don't lie, but liars do figure.''

Did you know that by the age of four, 90% of children have learned the concept of lying. Some studies show that most people lie an average of 4 times a day which equate to 1,460 lies every year. A man can lie twice as much as a woman in a single day. However, women are much more honest about their lying, 80% of women admit to telling half-truths occasionally.

Why do we lie? The most common reason is to save face. Psychologist Robert Feldman cites self-esteem as the culprit. ''We find that as soon as people feel that their self-esteem is threatened, they immediately begin to lie at higher levels.'' Another reason we lie is to avoid confrontation. Feldman goes on to say that ''lies that avoid conflict are probably the most common sort of lie . . . and avoiding conflict is a top motivator for deception.'' Feldman calls these kinds of lies, ''Make life easier lies'' which achieve the effect of avoiding social conflict. For example, ''No, you look great in that dress.'' Other reasons we lie are to shift blame, get one's way, to be nice, and to make ourselves feel better.

Who gets lied to the most? Not surprisingly, it's parents. What parent hasn't heard their child say, ''I'm going to a friend's house''? While this may be true, our children don't often tell u ...

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