by Claude Thomas

Claude Thomas

Introduction: In the March 4, 1933 inaugural address of Franklin D. Roosevelt, he spoke this famous sentence: "The only thing we have to fear is fear itself." Thoreau said in his journal on September 7, 1851, "Nothing is so much to be feared as fear." Francis Bacon (1561-1626) said, "Nothing is terrible except fear itself."

These quotes substantiate the reality of fear that grips the hearts of people. When it does, it paralyzes the body making it unable to function. David was facing enemies and was tempted to fear. He refused to give in to fears. Psalm 27 traces his experience and how we can overcome fear.

I. Confidence in War - vv. 1-3

Explanation: During a time of danger, David was confident. In what? God, v. 1!
The Lord was his: Light - Who exposes enemies who work in darkness;
Salvation - Who delivers from dangers;
Strength -Who is both a fortress and force
Fortress - enemy could not penetrate
Force - power within to defeat the enemy

Application: Christians face enemies. The flesh and blood kind are just tools of the real enemy. Confidence in God precludes fear of the foe?

Transition Statement: How do we get this confidence in God?

II. Commitment to Worship - vv. 4-6

Explanation: How did David know of God's light, salvation, and strength? During times of private and personal encounter, he learned these things, and they caused him to long to stay in God's house to worship. "Tent" = temple - the imagery that is conjure ...

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