by Claude Thomas

Earth's Folly And Heaven's Fury
Claude Thomas
Psalm 2:1-6

Introduction: The Reverend D.M. Panton told of a story of Dr. John Kelman. Dr. Kelman was pastoring in New York City. One day he asked a church member, "What is your solution to the present world unrest?" Dr. Kelman said, "The answer amazed me for the church member said, 'A dictator!'" "But," argued the great preacher, "your dictator would have to be superhuman ... one with perfect understanding of civic and economic problems, with genius to meet opposition and resolve fears." "I know it," was the parishioner's quiet response. "We are looking for such a Man and we have Him in view. His name is ... Jesus." Dr. Kelman said, "The thrill of that answer will never leave me." Jesus is sovereign by the act of Jehovah. He is earth's rightful King. He is the solution to earth's problems.

Earth's folly is the refusal to live under that sovereignty. God wants you to soar under Christ's sovereignty, not fall with earth's folly. I pray you will abandon any and every type of rebellion against God and His Christ.

I. Rebellion Against God's Government - Earth's Folly Described

Explanation: In text -- throne of David (historically), kingdom of Christ (prophetically -- cf. Acts. 4:24).

Characteristic actions of rebellion against God.

1) Rage - murmuring
2) Imagine - devising, meditating evil
3) Convene - conspiring
4) Stubborn rebellion - figurative language describing stubborn bulls determined to roam freely. Governments and people pictured as loving freedom to go their way and break all ties with the rule of God!

Application: Government Folly - USSR specific (Overt and deliberate action occurring.)

Transition Statement: To take posture and action against God's action is to participate in earth's folly. I am concerned that our government has been so careful to accommodate a pluralistic society and make room for plurality of gods that actions against God's government has ...

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