by John Barnett

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Lessons from the First Spirit-Filled Family (1 of 3)
Series: Spirit Filled
John Barnett
Luke 1:5-80

1. How does the HS apply Christ's promise to transform our family life? ZandE portray the impact of the HS on family life?

2. How does the HS apply Christ's promise to lead and guide us today? Joseph portrays how God speaks to us and leads us through life. Joseph heard God's Word through the angels, we hear through God's Word once and for all settled. As Hebrews says God now speaks through Christ. Christ affirmed Old Testament and set out New Testament. Peter said written more authoritative that experiences. No experience can trump or exceed the written Word. Deception coming.

3. How does the HS apply the saving work of Christ?

What does a Spirit-filled family look like? One element is all that I'd like us to see. A Spirit-Filled Family is portrayed by God as being: famously useful to God. What does that mean? ''Famously'' means famous, well-known, and personally overseen by God. Famous means that God sees, honors, blesses, and rewards with endless honor that person. Only God can make someone famous forever, all the rest come, flash, flameout, and are nothing.
The first, and maybe the only one we know much about is in Luke 1-2. It is the only time in Scripture where we explicitly have stated that the Holy Spirit was filling and leading a father, mother, and child.

Some observations are in order. First, this is not a flashy, outgoing couple. They are dutifully, behind the scenes in their lives. Part of a group of 24 teams, that took their turns on duty at the Temple of God. What's interesting is that out of all the Levites in the First Century, this may be the only one we know by name. So this is a special God-given insight. Lesson one: you can be plain, ordinary, non-descript and still be famously useful to God.
Next we see that they are old, and almost looked down upon by most of society. In Israel almost the greatest visible blessing possible ...

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