by John Barnett

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Simeon Illustrates the Spirit-Filled Life (3 of 3)
Series: Spirit-Filled
John Barnett
Luke 2:25-35

We are looking one-by-one at the Spiritual Living Lessons that new believers need to have personally taught to them by older believers.

Saved: We have seen salvation as portrayed across the pages of Acts by those early Apostles and disciples.

Scripture-Fed: Then we examined the Scriptures and the link between salvation through the Word and spiritual nurture by daily feeding upon the Word.

Spirit-Filled: This is the whole realm of understanding all that God has given us through Christ that only comes to us by walking in step with the Holy Spirit. We have examined the Scriptural terms: Spirit-filled, Spirit-Led, grieving and quenching, and even seen the immensity of the Spirit's work as portrayed in Romans.

The Holy Spirit is revealed in many ways in God's Word: perhaps eighty times in the Old Testament, at least fifty times in the Gospels, nearly sixty times in Acts, and more than one hundred times in the rest of the New Testament. But today we need to see how:

Luke Emphasizes the Amazing Holy Spirit at Work

It was the Holy Spirit that Gabriel announced would fill John the Baptist as he prepared the way for Christ's coming (Luke 1:15).
It was the Holy Spirit who caused Christ's conception in Mary (Luke 1:35);
It was the Holy Spirit who prompted Elisabeth to announce Christ's presence within Mary (Luke 1:41);
It was the Holy Spirit who spoke through Zechariah announcing that his son was Christ's herald named John the Baptist (Luke 1:67);
It was the Holy Spirit who led Simeon to find Jesus carried by Joseph and Mary in the Temple area (Luke 2:25-27).
It was the Holy Spirit who baptizes believers into Christ's church (Luke 3:16; 1 Corinthians 12:13);
It was the Holy Spirit who led Christ out into His desert temptation (Luke 3:22; 4:1; Mark 1:12).
It was the Holy Spirit who empowered Christ to preach the Gospel (Luke 4:14, 18).
It ...

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