PSALM 19:7-14

by Claude Thomas

PSALM 19:7-14

Introduction: We remember the commercial that declared when a certain financial investment company spoke, the world stopped to listen. In Psalm 19:1-14, the Psalmist declared that God spoke and revealed His person and purpose. For this message we shall make an examination of vv. 7-14 which reveal the purpose of God and the response of those who experience His reliable revelation.

I. Revelation of Reality of Life - vv. 7-9

Explanation: All expressions used to communicate the revelation of God's will relate to life.

Law, or torah - refreshes life
Testimony - foundations life
Statutes - give direction to life
Commandments - give light to life
Fear - gives reverence to life
Judgments - give morality to life

When the Psalmist looked at the revelation of God in Scripture, he saw life!

Explanation: Scripture directs to Life, cf. John 5:39-40. They point to Jesus!

Application: They communicate the way into life. The Way into life eternal is Jesus. The way to Jesus is through Scripture!

Explanation: Scriptures give direction to life, they prescribe life, cf. 2 Timothy 3:16-17.

Illustration: The physician tells you to take all of the medicine he has prescribed for you until it is gone. If you don't, you will have a relapse.

Application: Continue in the Scriptures - take all of them, for all of life!

II. Reliability of Revelation - vv. 7-9

Explanation: The law is perfect - without flaw
The testimony is sure - reliable
The statutes are right - straight
The commandment is pure - bright
The fear is clear - without vile
The judgments are true and righteous - whole-hearted truth

The Psalmist looked at the revelation of life in Scripture and declared it was indeed reliab ...

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