by Steve Wagers

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Consider Chastisement (5 of 8)
Series: For Your Consideration
Steve Wagers
Deuteronomy 8:1-6

I read about a boy that went off to an extremely expensive universities. The bills were coming in monthly to these parents, and they were struggling to keep their head above water. One day his mother received a letter from him that read like this:

Dear Mom:

I'm writing to inform you that i have flunked all of my courses. I had an accident and totally wrecked my car. I owe the clothing store in town $2000, and i have been suspended for the next semester because of misconduct. I am coming home, prepare dad.

His mother wrote a one line letter back to him that just said this:

Dear Son:

Dad is prepared-prepare yourself.

God is prepared to deal with his children when they sin!

There was a farmer who sold a mule to another person down the road. He explained carefully, ''This old mule is a good mule, but you must be gentle with him, ever so gentle.'' The next day about ten o'clock, the purchaser appeared at the door of the seller, irate, demanding his money back. ''What's wrong?'' the seller asked. ''That mule is sitting in the middle of the barn and will not move. I have been ever so gentle...''

''Oh, let me help you.'' They went down to the mule, the seller got a big stick and hit as hard as he could on its rear. The mule got up. ''But I thought you said to be ever so gentle?'' ''Yes, but first you've got to get his attention.''

God knows how to get our attention! God's chastening is His child training.

Though many today view God as a loving grandfather who simply turns his head without concern for evil or sin, that belief is not rooted in the Bible.

One of the greatest evidences and proofs of eternal security is the chastening of the Lord.

(5) ''Consider in thine heart, that, as a man chasteneth his son, so the Lord thy God chasteneth thee.''

1) The RECIPIENTS of Chastisement!

God isn't like the parents, ''Now Bobby is a little ...

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