by Steve Wagers

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Consider One Another (6 of 8)
Series: For Your Consideration
Steve Wagers
Hebrews 10:22-25

When Americans are asked the question, ''In the last seven days, did you attend a church service…?'' around 40 percent of them will answer, ''yes''.

Unfortunately, though, some of that 40% were not in church for the sermon on lying, because when the numbers from actual headcounts at churches are tallied up, it appears that less that 25% of Americans are attending church on any given week.

Someone said, ''The great task of the church is not only to get sinners into heaven, but to get saints out of bed.''

While a good bit of the unfaithfulness may be attributed to laziness, I fear that many don't faithfully attend church simply because they haven't understood why they should.

They've never really grasped the fact that it is not an optional part of the Christian life - it is an essential part.

Several years ago, a study was done of why Canadian geese always fly in a ''V'' formation. They discovered that they flapping of each goose's wings provided an upward lift for the goose that followed. When all of the geese were flying in perfect formation, the whole flock had a 71% greater flying range than if each bird flew alone.

We are not here to be in competition; we are here to be in cooperation!

Some have referred to this passage as the ''Let-Us Patch'' of Christianity.

3 times the writer uses the words, ''Let us,'' and then fills in the blank with our responsibility to fellow believers.

The operative word there is ''us''. These are plural commands.
1) To Provoke In LOVE!

(24) ''…to provoke unto love.''

''Provoke'' literally means to sharpen and figuratively speaks of a sharpening of one's mind or incitement to action.

Same word for ''spur''. Like when a cowboy digs his spurs into his horse to provoke it to run faster.

Part of our coming together is so that we can lovingly but firmly ''spur'' one another on to love and good works

So ...

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