by Claude Thomas

Philippians 2:5-8

Introduction: George W. Truett, pastor of FBC Dallas for 47 years was a man of vast influence and respected among the Baptists in Texas, USA, and the world. On one occasion, he was invited to be president of Baylor University. After thought, he replied, "I have sought the shepherd's heart and found it."

When I came to Calvary Baptist Church, C. Wade Freeman, past Director of Evangelism of BGCT, and then Vice President of SBC, wrote me a note and said he knew Truett, who sought and found the shepherd's heart. He encouraged me to do the same. If I would have the shepherd's heart, I would need the shepherd's attitude. When Paul wrote to the Christians of Philippi, he encouraged all of them to have and demonstrate the attitude of Jesus. Read text, Philippians 2:5-8.

Christians of every generation and of every sort will be more effective in fulfilling God's purpose if they find and demonstrate a humble heart of obedient and sacrificial service like that of Jesus.

Today I want to encourage you to possess and demonstrate the ATTITUDE OF JESUS.

I. As a believer, you are to possess the attitude of Jesus. 2:5

Explanation: Paul wrote to the Philippians and sought to encourage them to be unified in their effort to advance the gospel. For their effort to have maximum effect, humility, not self-assertion, was a necessity.

To assure the best incentive, Paul wanted the Philippians to allow the mind of Christ" to be their "mind" in all personal relationships. They were to possess the Spirit of Christ and follow the pattern He gave them. The "mind of Christ" = the disposition or attitude of Christ.

Illustration: I talked with my cousin the other day. For all his years he has followed in his dad's steps -- admiring his dad, loving his dad, imitating his dad, spending time with his dad -- and you know what? No doubt he is his dad's son -- he thinks just like his dad.

Application: So should ...

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