ALIVE (4 OF 4)

by Jonathan McLeod

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Alive (4 of 4)
Series: The Road to Redemption
Jonathan McLeod
Mark 16:1-8

And [the angel] said to them, ''Do not be alarmed. You seek Jesus of Nazareth, who was cruci-fied. He has risen; he is not here. See the place where they laid him'' (v. 6).


If the Gospel of Mark was a biography of a normal person, chapter 15 would be the final chapter of the book. But Jesus Christ is not a normal person.

[Read Mark 15:40-16:8.]


What do you do when you get good news? You share it with other people. (When a woman becomes engaged, she calls her mother. When a child wins a prize at school, he tells his parents. People now share their good news on Facebook or Twitter.)

What about the resurrection of Jesus? We are often afraid to share the good news of the resurrection. Why? (There is a difference between a woman sharing the good news of her en-gagement with her mother and a Christian sharing the good news of the resurrection with someone who might not want to hear it.) There is the fear of offending people, the fear of getting tongue-tied, and the fear of being ridiculed.

There is no better news than the good news of the resurrection, so we must overcome our FEAR and SHARE it.


How can we overcome our fear of sharing the good news of the resurrection? We should con-stantly remind ourselves of two truths.

1. There is an abundance of EVIDENCE in favor of the resurrection.

The case for the resurrection of Jesus is sort of like a murder case. A murder case is usually built on several pieces of evidence. The case for Jesus' resurrection can also be built on several pieces of evidence. (Of course, a defense attorney usually has an explanation for every piece of evidence against the defendant, just like the skeptics have an explanation for every piece of evidence in favor of the resurrection.) Some of the pieces of evidence in favor of the resurrection include (1) the empty tomb, (2) the di ...

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