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Jesus' Resume (1 of 4)
Series: Upside-Down Christmas
J.D. Greear
Matthew 1:1-17

Read Matthew 1:1-17.

- Alright... so how many of you zoned out during that? Be honest.
- How many of you, when you come to a section like this when you are reading your Bible, either skim it or skip it all together? ?And you call yourselves ''Christians.'' All-in... whatever.
- (The least you could do is find some good ideas for baby names ?in there: Amminadab; Hezron. Shealtiel. That's guaranteed to make your kids hate you forever.) Most of us aren't into genealogies, especially not someone else's genealogy.
- Truth be told, I'm not really even into mine. Some people are-they go the websites and pay the money...?
- (I feel like I have enough relatives already; I'm definitely not looking for new ones. I'm kind of afraid of what I might find. After going home for Thanksgiving many of you probably feel the same way.)

So, we might think it odd for Matthew to lead off his Gospel with what feels to us like a snoozer-a genealogy. But there is a reason that he does. In this genealogy is everything you need to know about Christianity. All the essentials are in there. As I've studied this the past few weeks I have learned so much diving into commentaries, listening to other pastors teach on this. If you're interested in sources they are all in the transcript I post on my blog each week. I've realized that the amount of things that Matthew is trying to teach you through this simple list of names is remarkable. I'm going to limit myself to 5. This first one I borrow from Tim Keller: The gospel is not good advice, it is good news.1

- Most stories or fairy tales start out with ''once upon a time;'' or ''somewhere, in a galaxy far, far away'' or something like that...
- But Matthew doesn't start out that way. He starts out with a genealogy, which is a way of saying, ''What I'm going to tell you about actually happened in time and space.''
- Christianity's most im ...

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