by Claude Thomas

Claude Thomas
Matthew 7:1-12

Introduction: A sign in Nordstrom's Department Store
reads, "The only difference between stores is in the
way they treat their customers." Jesus taught His
followers the basic 101 Course in Human Relationships
in Matthew 7:1-12.

Transition Statement: Build a better life by building
better relationships. To do that, Jesus said,

I. The Christian is to live without a critical
attitude - vv. 1-4

Explanation: Jesus insisted that in v. 1. The word
"judge" implies "to analyze or evaluate" as well as
"to condemn or avenge." Christians are to evaluate
according to I Corinthians 5:5. However, to have a
critical attitude of condemning judgmentalism was
forbidden by Jesus. He encountered it in religious
legalists and insisted that His followers avoid it.

To drive home the foolishness of a critical attitude,
Jesus gave an illustration - vv. 3-4. With words,
Jesus pictured the action a critical spirit causes.
Imagine the foolishness of a man with a beam or log in
his eye trying to remove a splinter from another's

Jesus forbade a critical attitude because of the
foolishness of it. He also pointed out an inherent
principle that accompanies the critical spirit - v. 2.

Illustration: Two steel marbles connected to steel
strands striking each other produces perpetual motion
of no benefit!

Application: What does a critical attitude prompt in
others? An attitude of being critical -- toward the
initiator of that attitude.

Application: It is damaging ... destructive.
Families - mate to mate; parents to children;
Churches - Businesses, - Schools - Communities

Application: Here is the fact of the matter. A
critical, censorious, judgmental spirit is destructive
to all involved.

Application: Jesus said leave it, avoid it ... don't
have it! You can build a better life when you build
better relationships ... You can bu ...

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