by Claude Thomas

Antidote for Anxiety
Claude Thomas
Matthew 6:25-34

Introduction: When you arrive at the Greek Island of Naxos in the Aegean Sea, you will see a strange sight. Greek men, young and old, will be seen nervously fingering strings of "worry beads." Worrying is also a favorite pastime for Americans.. If we don't worry, we worry why we don't worry. And when we worry, we worry that we worry too much.

At 4 we worry about - darkness
At 14 - acceptance
At 24 - career and marriage
At 34 - opportunity
At 44 - life offering more
At 54 - career change
At 64 - filling days
At 74 - lack of days
At 84 - length of days
At 94 - we worry that we've worried our life away!

Jesus knew worry would be a great part of our lives, so He spent 1/7 of His Sermon on the Mount addressing the subject of anxiety - worry.

I. Convincing Prohibition

Explanation: "No thought" -- NIV reads "do not worry." Worry means "to tear apart." Jesus gave great arguments why the believer should not worry:
1) It is unnecessary, vv 26,28-30-- Lordly logic, from greater to lesser. Birds and lilies are the lesser. Believer is greater. God is faithful to care for the believer.
2) It is unfruitful, v 27 -- Average Jew of Jesus' day was 5 feet tall, Roman soldiers were taller and bigger. Worry would not make it possible for the Jew to look their enemy eye to eye.
3) It is unworthy, vv 30b-32 --Worry is the way of pagans because they believe circumstance is in control. The believer knows that God is in control.

Application: Jesus was not prohibiting:
1) Forethought for life's opportunities
2) Working toward life's dreams
3) Concern over life's necessities

Application: Jesus was prohibiting the practice of nagging, negative, cankering, and corroding anxiety. ...

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