by Claude Thomas

Unprofitable Activity Of Worry
Claude Thomas
Matthew 6:25-34

Introduction: Two monks were at the ford of a river. One without ado carried a lady standing at the edge across. Down the road one monk mumbled, "I can't believe you touched a lady. That is against the law of the Monks. How could you go against the rules?" The other replied, "I set her down an hour ago. Why are you still carrying her?"

There are times when we work hard to create our own worry. Jesus told us to stop it. It is a nonproductive activity and it is unnecessary for the Christian.

Transition Statement: We are not to worry ...

I. It is unfaithful because of our Lord - v. 25

Explanation: "Therefore" refers back to what has preceded in v. 24 - "Two masters." We cannot have two, only one. The Lord said "Stop worrying about your life." In v. 25, "life" = all of life -- external or internal. They were to stop being anxious because it reflected a distrust of the promises and providence of their Lord.

Application: Worry is a common problem. It affects all. It is a consuming problem. It takes all. Worry is destructive. It ruins all.

Application: A little worry affects a lot of life.

Illustration: Just a cup of water has enough droplets to create a dense fog over seven city blocks.

Application: That is like worry!

Application: God is in control, and to worry is to be unfaithful to Him and harmful to ourselves!

II. Worry is unnecessary because of our importance to the Father - vv. 26-30.

Application: Each of us is important to the Father. We are:
1) His by creation
2) His by purchase

Application: Destiny is in His hands. Our eternity is in His hands. Trust Him on t ...

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