by Jerry Watts

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The Miracle of Christmas (2 of 5)
Series: The Christmas Story
Jerry Watts
Luke 1:26-38

Most everyone here has seen or knows the story portrayed in the story called, ''The Christmas Carol.'' Certainly the name ''Scrooge'' rings a bell. Scrooge was the miserly the rich dude, who got rich by being miserly and mean. As the story goes, he went to sleep on Christmas Eve - stingy, selfish, and self-centered - and in one night the ghosts of Christmas past, present, and future, appeared to him for the purpose of showing himself to himself. When he awakened from his sleep - he was a changed man. IN one of the last scenes He saw himself in chains in a place called hell. Candidly, neither the stage nor the movie did hell justice, but the point was made and seeing himself in hell, he awoke a 'changed man.' To the people who knew him, it was nothing short of a miracle. Years ago one evangelist said something of seeing how it would impact people to be hung over hell on a spider web.

Christmas is all about miracles. We have just read about one of the many miracles at this time of year we call Christmas. To read the entire Christmas story is to read about miracle after miracle. We do understand that what we call a miracle, God calls normal. John W. Peterson, a great songwriter of days past, wrote these words, ''My Father is omnipotent and that you can't deny. A God of might and miracles, it's written in the sky. It took a miracle to hang the world in space. It took a miracle to put each star in place.'' It might be a miracle for us, but it's routine for Him. God did not have to 'step up' His game for us at Christmas; all He did was just be Himself. He is sovereign, almighty, omniscient, and omnipotent.

Let's take a look today a 'one part' of this great story and see the miracle(s) which God performed that we might be made right with Him. After all, that is the reason for Christmas.

I offer you the miracles of God in the different areas:

The Miracle in the Prepara ...

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