by Jerry Watts

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Grace Upon Grace (1 of 2)
Series: The Story Of Christmas
Jerry Watts
John 1:1, 14-16

Here we are at Christmas time. When you think of Christmas, what do you think of? Most people in the USA today think of trees, gifts, food, and that old man in the Red Suit. In fact, I suggest that there is much confusion today about Christmas.

I read several stories this week which brought smile; A young pastor's wife carried her 3 kids to the Christmas parade and, as the floats passed by, her youngest kept hollering, ''Happy Halloween.''

Another man posted this story on Facebook: ''Just set up the Fisher Price Nativity Scene and told the children the Christmas story. I ask them to tell the story back to us and ask if they understood the story. Awaiting a great parenting moment, little CJ looks confused and asks, ''Where's the big bad wolf?''

The last I read was a cartoon showing 2 homes decorated for Christmas. One was filled with lights, a snowman, Santa on the Roof, and flashing lights which said, ''Merry X-Mas.'' The other home displayed a simple lighted manger scene. The cartoon showed the couple from the first house looking out the window at their neighbor's yard and saying, ''Some people have to put religion in everything.''

While this might be true, it seems to me that man tries to put religion in EVERYTHING and leave out a relationship with Christ. The result is that the world is confused because Jesus was never a man of religion but was a man of relationships.

Armed with the truth about Jesus being a man given to relationship, we can look at our text and see that Christmas is all about ''GRACE UPON GRACE.'' (Vs 16) Don't you like that?

Personally I like the sound of 'grace upon grace.' We know that mercy is 'not receiving what we deserve' while grace is 'receiving what we don't deserve. So grace upon grace is after you receive what you don't deserve that you receive another dose of the same. In other words, God sends Jesus to save us from our si ...

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