MATTHEW 13:31-32

by Claude Thomas

MATTHEW 13:31-32

Introduction: Early in the morning, a young Palestinian farmer went out to the fields of his farm. He looked down at the plowed fields where the corn seed had been planted. The seeds were experiencing death and decay as they lay in the moist earth. Then the young farmer raised his head to look out across the fields. In his mind's eye he saw the golden grain glistening against the rays of the rising sun. Grain was the result of the sowing. Grain & sowing = miracle! Jesus took the imagery from farming to speak of the ...

I. Extraordinary Life

Explanation: Kingdom of God = extraordinary life! When Jesus spoke of the Kingdom of God, this broad term included a super life for His Church and for the individual - cf John 10:10.
1) Prompting of parable: it was prompted by criticism of synagogue rulers for His healing the woman in the synagogue on the Sabbath.
2) Point of parable: to illustrate the significance of the seemingly insignificant -- Him, His deeds, His declarations, and His disciples.
3) People and parable: the healing of the woman was indicative of extraordinary life that was present and coming in Jesus. Super life! -- Don't miss it because of appearances.

Explanation: Accentuating appearances will allow doubt to reign and we will miss extraordinary life! Jesus said the Kingdom of God is like a mustard seed -- in and of itself, nothing so great ... Diminutive in size; dying in soil; decaying in substance.

Illustration: John the Baptist's faith was not always high. From behind prison bars, he wondered if Jesus was indeed the promised Messiah.

Application: What is going on in your life which could serve to keep you from this extraordinary life? What is happening which could diminish your experience of the abundant life?

Explanation: Assura ...

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