by Johnny Hunt

Life Imparted Through Jesus
Johnny Hunt
John 6:51-59

INTRODUCTION: In this text, Jesus makes a claim about Himself that leads to a major controversy. In this context the controversy came as a result of spiritual blindness. As the truth is expressed and explained, Jesus shows the consequences of unbelief.

QUESTION: ''How can a man (Jesus) impart His own humanity to another man, so that other men shall assimilate it, and find the life of that humanity dominating his own?'' G. Campbell Morgan

''Flesh'' - His human nature.

''Blood'' - His death.

Unless you enter into the experience that comes by the way of the shedding of blood, you have no life in yourself. When we come to Christ and believe in Him we receive into our souls the benefits of His body and blood offered for us on the cross of Calvary. Jesus Christ presents Himself as the spiritual food for the famished soul and He also urged the people to appropriate Him personally by faith.

Note what He said, how it was taken, and His response.

Into this fallen world of disappointments, despondency and desperation came ''the living bread,'' the Lord Jesus Christ.

As the ''Bread of Life,'' He is the only One who can satisfy the deepest longings of our needy human soul. Only through Him can sinners obtain forgiveness, be restored to a right relationship with God and receive eternal life.

A. The Promise 51a

Jesus in simple everyday language communicated profound truth. He took our everyday routine of eating and parallel truth we must not miss.

In verses 37, 44, 39 and 65 God's sovereignty in salvation is taught; in verses 51, 35 and 40 human responsibility to believe in Christ is in view.

NOTE: 5 Parallels

1. Food is useless unless it is eaten:

Spiritual truth does no good if it is not internalized. Merely knowing truth, without acting on it, both profits nothing and does not allow one to remain neutral.

2. Eating is prompted by hunger:

The full are not i ...

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