by Claude Thomas

Matthew 6:12a
Forgive Our Debts

Introduction: When you fill out a loan application, you are asked what debts you have.
The debts that are discussed today can all be erased!

I. Our debts defined

Explanation: Commercially - to owe money
Historically - to owe duty, obligation
Theologically - to owe obedience and not fulfill
Practically - to fail to fulfill obedience - sin

Application: Since God is God and we are His creatures, we own Him absolute and complete obedience. Failure to fulfill obedience = debt. Positively - what we should do and did not. Negatively - what we should not do and did. Either way = debt, failure to obey.

Illustration: School: failure - not doing assignments or doing what one should not do.

Transition Statement: With debts defined, it is easy to understand how they appear in prayer. In prayer...

II. Our debts recognized

Explanation: Context is conversation with God about His person -- holiness! "Hallowed by thy name" - contemplating the holiness of God. In the presence of holy God -- the believer's unholiness becomes obvious.

Illustrations: Reproductions look good alone but when placed by period pieces of verified authenticity, flaws of the reproductions appear.

Application: In the presence of the flawless Father, our flaws appear obvious to us.

Explanation: Conversation is regarding His purpose -- "thy will be done." We
become keenly aware of our failures to obey!

Illustration: Paul -- Romans 7, 7:23, "O, wretched ...

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