Matthew 10:1-2

Introduction: Bi-polar is where strength without balance becomes a detriment. James was a person like that. His personality was sharp on both edges - positive and negative in swinging the sword of unbridled personality. We will examine a silhouette instead of a portrait of James because there are not many passages that directly reveal his character. We will not have the fullness of character, but we can learn from it.

I. Desirability of Zeal

Application: Genuine intensity is desirable. We need real zeal.

Illustration: English novelist, I.B. Priestly spoke on his success among gifted writers who were young with him, but without his success. He said, "they toyed with the fascinating idea of writing, I cared like blazes! It is this caring like blazes that counts." This is genuine zeal.

Application: To go, grow, glow, -- we must care like blazes!

Illustration: Slogan - Wake up, sing up, preach up, pray up and pay up, but never give up, or let up, or back up or shut up until the cause of Christ in this church and in this world is built up.

Conditions evidenced:
Worship - many church doors are shut on Sunday nights
Weak - is the influence of 100 million Christians in America on moral ...

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