by Claude Thomas

Model Prayer
Claude Thomas
Matthew 6

"God's ears are never wearied by men's prayers!" Elements of Prayer:

Praise -- Psalm 34:2 -- "I will bless the Lord at all times."
Gratitude -- Jonah 2:9 -- "I will sacrifice with thanksgiving."
Awe -- Isaiah 65 -- "Mine eyes have seen the King, the Lord of Hosts."
Desire to Obey -- Psalm 119:172
Confession -- Psalm 51

M. L. Jones said in one of his sermons, "Man is at his greatest and highest when on his knees he comes face to face with God." In the Sermon on the Mount, Jesus focused in on three areas of Jewish life: giving, fasting, and praying. In Matthew 6:5-13, Jesus set for all time the vital nature of prayer for heaven's citizens. Jewish teaching was that prayer = communication with God and release of God's power. Something went wrong!

Became phony - 6:5
Became ritual - 6:7
Became prideful - 6:8

Verses 9-13 -- Ingredients of prayer had a new richness. It is not a prayer to be recited as a matter of ritual like the Jews of old did. Jesus gave this model prayer to be "fleshed out" in our prayer lives.

Emphasis today is on relationships in:
Father --Father/child relationship with God
Hallowed -- Deity/worshipper
Kingdom -- Sovereign/subject
Will -- Master/servant
Bread -- Benefactor/beneficiary
Forgive -- Saviour/sinner
Lead -- Guide/pilgrim

Our = unselfish, Father = family, Hallowed = reverent, Kingdom = loyal.

Will = submissive
Daily = dependent
Forgive = penitent
Lead = humble
Kingdom = triumphant
Forever = eternal

First three verses relate to God's Glory. Second three verses relate to Man's Need. Get in line with God!

Matthew 6:9 "Hallowed by thy name."

Introduction: Have you had the experience of meeting someone truly dignified, but in a quiet unassuming way? He projects himself with warm self-confidence. He seems genuinely interested in you and begins a conversation. You speak freely, openly, casually with him. Later you learn he is an important and ...

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