by Claude Thomas

Matthew 10:2, John 1:43-51

Introduction: Bartholomew in Matthew 10:2 is Nathaniel of John 1:43 ff. Bartholomew means son of Tomai; Nathaniel means gift of God. The only passage which deals with Nathaniel is John 1:43-51. In these few verses we have insight and portrayal: the problem is portrayed and the potential is pictured.

I. Problem to change

Explanation: "Can anything good ..." Nathaniel came from Cana which was even more obscure than Nazareth. But the people of Nazareth were generally less refined, and on the fringe of nowhere. He had only seen trouble come from there. His problem -- prejudice.

Application: Prejudice is an ugly sin that is negative in nature. Definition: makes uncalled for generalizations. Debilitation: closes mind to truth; closes mind to potential; and closes mind to people.

Illustration: Greeks used "humanity" as word for all unknown races. Nathaniel considered all races except his own as "barbarians."

Application: We need to see through the eyes of the Lord. Allow Scripture and the Spirit to purge prejudices.

II. Pote ...

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