by Claude Thomas

Friendship / Neighbor
Claude Thomas
Luke 10:25-37

Summary Statement of the Text:
''Who is my neighbor?'' by showing what it means to be a neighbor.

From casual to committed, from self to service, from will you be my neighbor to let me be your


An ancient King loved to mingle with the people while in disguise. Dressed as a poor man, he descended the dark and amp steps to a tiny cellar where a fireman was tending the furnace. The King sat and talked with the fireman. At meal time they ate course, black bread and drank water from a jug. The King left with sympathy for the man, but he often returned. At last the King revealed himself to the fireman, expecting the poor man to request something. He did not and explained that he had the best that the King could give -- self.

By a parable, Jesus advanced the concept of ''neighbor'' beyond casual acquaintance to genuine service. He did so in response to the simple question, but a trick question, ''Who is my neighbor?'' In response to the question, Jesus offered a parable which declares:

I. The Affliction of the Many

Explanation of the Text
The journey from Jerusalem to Jericho was the ''Bloody Way.'' Jerusalem was 2500 feet above sea level. Seventeen miles east, Jericho was 800 feet below sea level. An ordinary Jewish man was traveling this road. On his way, through no fault of his own, he was beaten and left ''half dead.'' He was afflicted.

Transition: In our day, many are afflicted...

Application of the Text
By Satan: He desires to deceive and destroy
By Sin: Sin damns and debilitates
By Society: Sin leads to the philosophy of ''what's in it for me?''

Application of the Text
The afflicted are from all walks of life:
Family - abuse
Success - despair
Together - empty

II. The Apathy of the Majority

Transition: Our's is an ''Age of Apathy.'' The parable from Jesus illustrates the apathy of many. They just don't care.

Illustration: A ...

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