by Donald Cantrell

Wasted Tears
Donald Cantrell
Revelation 20:11-15, 21:1-4


In March 1996 Michelle Singleton failed to appear in a Kansas City federal court to be sentenced for payroll check fraud. She went undercover and moved to Key West Florida and was found 8 years later in Monroe County, Florida; living in a houseboat.

This incident is played out over and over across this country; people commit crimes and try to hide from the authorities. In June 2012 the FBI acted upon a tip concerning the whereabouts of ''Whitey Bulger''. He was a former mafia mob king and had been in hiding for 16 years with his girlfriend, Catharine Greig; they were living under the alias's Charles and Carol Gasco. The couple was found with over $800,000 dollars stashed away in their apartment and over 30 weapons. At the time of his capture Bulger was 82 years old and he was wanted for over 19 counts of murder. It seems as if Bulger thought he had hidden himself well and would get by with his crimes, but payday came unexpectedly.

In Revelation 20 we find every sinner being summoned to the very throne of God; and every single one of them will be judged for their works and then sentenced to everlasting punishment in the lake of fire.

This is the most horrific and gut wrenching day this world will ever see. It is so horrible that immediately afterwards God will wipe the thoughts of this day from the memory of his followers.

I cannot imagine the events of this day as the entire congregation of the lost dating all the way back to Cain; will stand before God. Jesus will be seated upon his throne, I think that his followers will be standing or seated behind his throne. The sinners will be summoned to stand before God and they will be judged for their works and then the Lambs Book of Life will be opened. The sinner will be shown that his name is either not in it or it has been blotted out due to them never trusting in Jesus.

This will be so terrible for the sinner; but what ab ...

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