by Claude Thomas

Text: Joshua 1:3, 6

Title: Places to Stake our Claim


On April 22, 1989 at noon, 60,000 homesteaders charged into 2 million acres called Unassigned Lands
in Oklahoma Territory. Their goal was to stake a claim on 160 acre homestead. Ten to Fifteen
thousand came to Guthrie, the future territorial capital of Oklahoma and site of one of two land offices
in the distict. The settlers were farmers, tradesmen, laborers, professionals, etc. some were women.
The settlers determined to stake their claim and settle the land.
God told Joshua to lead Israel to settle Canaan. Wherever they placed their foot was theirs.

Some areas where we must stake our claim and plant the soles of our feet...

I. The Future of our Children

The threat to our children's future is real. At one time we cringed to consider that drugs and
pornography were reaching into our high schools. Then we shuddered to think such things were
affecting middle schools. But now, is red alram time agains -- drugs and pornography are touching the
lives of elementary aged children. What are we to do? Can we make a difference?
Yes! By God's grace and guidance, we can make a difference in developing our children
toward God and for good.

Illustration: Newsweek, April 17, 1989; "The learning curve is fairly predictable. Their drive to learn is
awesome, and careful adults can nourish it." This article goes on to say, "The stakes are high and
parents can help."

The stakes are high and we stake our claim on the futures of our children.

As a church body, we are committed to helping. As individual Bible Study teachers visit
homes, encourage parents, pray over family, minister to children, teach in class, you are making a
As parents pray for child, combat foreces of evil inf ...

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