by Claude Thomas

Joshua 1:1-11

Introduction: This Sunday captures the attention of the nation. Seventy-five million people will gather around TVs this afternoon to watch the Superbowl. It is the sporting event of the year. Crimes decrease and cars stop running during this time. The cost of a commercial is $900,000 for 30 seconds. $50 million will be grossed and $4.5 billion will be wagered.

Think of the process that the teams went through to get there: summer camp, pre-season, season, play-offs, now the Superbowl The question is now who and what will it take to win?

Transition Statement: The pressing question for us is this: how do I win in the Superbowl of Life? Can I succeed? Joshua has a formula for winning!

I. Affirm You Have a Purpose - vv. 1-2, 10-11

Transition Statement: Some seem to be wandering aimlessly through life.

Illustration: A speaker was on a university campus. While walking across the campus to the meeting hall, he encountered a student. Hoping to spark a conversation, he asked the student, "Where are you going, what are your plans?" The student's immediate response was "to lunch."

Transition Statement: He was missing it! Living from one meal to another will not make you a winner in the Superbowl of life

Transition Statement: To win in life, start with the purpose of God. That made Joshua successful.

Explanation: Moses was raised up to lead the Israelites out from Egypt, through the wilderness, into the Promised Land. When they got to the edge of Canaan, the progress stalled. The people faltered in their faith, and failed to follow Moses into the land. So they spent 40 years wandering. Prior to Moses' death, he ordained Joshua as his successor, Deuteronomy 34:9. Moses died. The people mourned his death. After 30 days, the Lord spoke to Joshua; He told him his purpose was to lead the Israelites into the Promised Land!

Transition Statement: My ambition is not necessarily God's purpose. ...

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