by Claude Thomas

John 8:12

Introduction: Jesus stands for all men and all time claiming to be the Deliverer from the damnation of darkness and the One who directs through the difficulty of darkness. He leads out of darkness and through darkness by being the Light of the World.

To understand the claim of Christ, we must grasp a working definition of darkness. In the text, the domain of Satan is where sin and flesh hold sway the lives of people. It is seen in the degrading and destructive, the chaotic and confusing, and the poisoning and paralyzing of life. In every way darkness is morally and spiritually negative.

I. Delivers from Damnation of Darkness

Explanation: 1) The fire/cloud = Shekinah Glory of God, cf Exodus 14:19-27. Pharaoh agreed to let Israel go, But God ultimately delivered the Israelites, v27c. Now that glory, the Light of the World, is present in Jesus.
2) Jesus is the True Light, John 1:6-9, John 8:12. The context of John 8:12 is seen in vv. 1-11. The woman was damned by darkness of her sin. But Jesus forgave her, delivered her from the bondage of the world of darkness and set her on the way of life. He turned and announced He was the true Light that delivered from the damnation of darkness.

Application: Jesus is Light to deliver from:
Power of darkness that blinds and binds
Blinds - holds men captive, but they cannot see until the Light of the Lord breaks through in uncertain times.
Binds - holds and imprisons men in negative and destructive habits until Jesus sets them free.

Illustration: D.D. Shelburne was a deacon from Snyder, Texas. He feared the dark all of his life until the age of 12. Sleeping in the summer without air conditioning meant the windows had to be raised. Breezes blew the curtains. His vivid imagination conjured up wild animals or wild men. At 12, he accepted Jesus. As he went down the aisle, Jesus spoke to him and said "You won't fear the dark anymore. From now on, you will li ...

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