by Claude Thomas

Claude Thomas
John 4:19-30

Introduction: In her own day, she was the object of scorn by people of her city. She was a social outcast and a moral failure. Her self-esteem must been lowest among the low. She would never have qualified as "Woman of the Year," "Queen for a Day," or "Mom of the Moment." Her character was flawed. Her sin was public. And her reputation was as bad as bad could be. Yet, she has become the subject of dramas, songs, and sermons. Why? She was changed by an encounter with Jesus.

Who was this woman who walks on the pages of history into the life of the contemporary church? She is known by Bible students as the "Samaritan woman" or the "woman at the well."

Jesus and His little band were traveling from Jerusalem to Galilee. Palestine was divided into three areas. The northern part was Galilee, the southern part was Judea, and the middle was Samaria.

Samaria was land of the northern kingdom of Israel. When Assyria conquered it in 722 BC, they deported the great majority of the population into other parts of the world. They transplanted other races into the northern kingdom, Samaria. These married the remaining Jews resulting in Samaritans. There was ancient hatred between Jews and Samaritans. Jews seldom traveled through Samaria because of intense hostility.

However, Jesus said, "Must go ..." As they approached Sychar, they stopped at a fork in the road. Jacob's well and Joseph's tomb were there. At straight-up noon, Jesus rested at the well. The disciples went to the city. A woman came to draw water. Jesus engaged her in conversation. John's record of the conversation and conversion has a wonderful word about true worshipers. So, we will learn what it means, adjust to the idea, attitude and action to be a true worshiper.

I. True Worshipers

Explanation: Worship scripturally
The Samaritans' worship was partial and polluted because that had only the Pentateuch and their traditi ...

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