by Jerry Watts

Moving Forward
Jerry Watts
Joshua 1:1-9

In the '60's when I was a 'young'un' at home with my parents, my dad was a fan of those TV Westerns. (In fact, today as he is in assisted living, you walk in his room and he is sitting in his recliner watching the WESTERNS channel. Perhaps he already feels like he's in heaven!!) Over the years we watched ''The Rifleman'', ''The Big Valley'', ''The High Chaparral,'' and certainly ''Bonanza.'' These shows were called ''Westerns'' because they depicted the hard life of people during the settlement of this great nation as the population moved WEST. Actually, it came to be known as the ''WILD WEST.'' One of my all-time favorite shows was Wagon Train. The storyline was that this group of 'Wagons' left the east to go west. Alone the way they were all kinds of problems - which made for a great storyline. At least ONCE in every episode, the trail boss would have all his wagons prepared and ready to move and he would stand up in his saddle and shout, ''Wagons Hooo.'' Then they would move forward together.

Perhaps this is the need of God's church today. But perhaps Jesus has already given us this call when He stood on the Mount of Ascension and spoke His final words of, ''The Holy Spirit is going to come upon you, and when the Holy Spirit comes upon you, you will be witnesses of me, so as you go into the world (Jerusalem, Judea, even Samaria (those places you don't care to go), and the rest of the world. Teach everyone all the things I have commanded you, baptize them in the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Make disciples of all who come to faith. Go just like I have gone, do like I have done, AND I will be with you ALWAYS, even until this world comes to an end.'' CHURCH - HOO!!! Will you turn with me to Joshua 1. READ TEXT

The Bible is full of examples and stories which inspire us and teach us about God's will and plan for the church. I want to pick up on the story of the children of Israel to encourage us today.


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