by Jerry Watts

When God Gets Loose
Jerry Watts
Acts 2:14-39

When we lived in Biloxi, we got a dog and our daughter named her ''Dutchess.'' I'm not so sure whether ''Dutchess'' was the dog's name or position!! For me, dogs belong outside, but not Dutchess. When we lived on Lakeview circle, she lived in the small ''Washing room.'' When we moved to a house with a fence, she lived in the house. Dogs really don't like to be kept in a pen. When she was let out, she would run like crazy.

All animals are like this until they get 'broke.' They run, jump, and enjoy their freedom.

Not long ago, I was thinking about this and wondered, ''If we treat God like we treat our pet.'' Do we try to keep Him from getting loose? Cause if He gets loose, He may get out of control, He may have a mind of His own, and He may do things that have never been done before. In other words, if God gets loose, He may actually takes over.

I have actually been in services where I've heard people and preachers say, ''We saw what God can do last night.'' Really? Seriously? Do we think that we have ever seen in one service ''ALL'' that God can do? When I consider parting the water, bringing water from the rock, calming the storm, and walking on the water - to say nothing of raising the dead - I would say not. But wouldn't you love for God to fall right now and show us EXACTLY what He can do? Why? Because wonderful things happen when God gets loose.

Let me suggest 4 OR 5 to know when God shows up, begins working, and gets loose.

EVERYONE KNOWS SOMETHING UNUSUAL IS HAPPENING - Rarely is a movement of God manifested. Rather that is a sound and sense that God is doing something.

I think of the parting of Red Sea. Most people envision this as Moses throwing up his rod and like 'magic', the dry path through the water appeared, but the Bible says, ''The wind Blew all night.'' Living on the coast, we know about wind. You can tell something is happening when you hear the wind.

I think about the story ...

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