by Jerry Watts

Keys To Spiritual Renewal
Jerry Watts
Revelation 3:14-22

Our country is in desperate need of a spiritual awakening, but we have a problem. When we consider that the last true, widespread, landscape changing spiritual awakening in this country was in the middle of the 19th century, it is safe to say that no one “alive today” has firsthand knowledge of what it's like, how it feels, or even how it begins.

My observation is that this culture is more dangerous than almost any previous culture, but it's not because of the crime rate, the immorality, or even the growing drug culture. This is because, as a culture who exists absent a true spiritual model of life, we have chosen to follow human standards rather than what divine scriptures tell us.

We have become people who believe if we 'follow our hearts, minds, and wills' to determine what is right or wrong we will be okay. I call this “stinkin' thinkin'” because human thinking continually changes, so standards change. Because we have engaged in this type of thinking, the standards of our culture have now digressed to the point of what used to be considered unmentionable is now the norm. The tragic results are that we fail to see ourselves as God sees us. We have set aside these few for a time of “spiritual renewal.”

I want you to give some thought to this term, “Spiritual Renewal.” In your mind what does this look like, feel like, and even 'how does it start?” Just as an aside, a true spiritual awakening does not happen for people who do not really, truly, and genuinely, desire it. Candidly, renewal involves change and most people don't care to change and sadly, they don't think they need to. We need a renewal, but what are the keys to open this door for the blessings of God to pour out.

As we consider keys to spiritual renewal we can learn much from the church at Laodicea. There are so many similarities between this church and today's church that an argument can be made that we are living in the “Lao ...

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