by Ernest Easley

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The Hindrances To Our Prayers (4 of 5)
Series: The Hindrances To Our Prayers
Ernest L. Easley
Mark 11

Now as you are turning to Mark chapter 11, let me ask you a question. Suppose you were interviewing for a sales job at a high-end clothes store: would it help or hinder your chances in getting the job if you walked into the interview wearing a t-shirt, shorts and flip-flops? Help or Hinder?

Suppose you were going on a first date with somebody you really liked. You really wanted to make a great first impression with this person so that a second date and a third date would come. Would it help or hinder your chances if you showed up thirty minutes late looking like you just finished a ten-mile hike? Help or Hinder?

The night I met my Julie she was 19 years old and I was 20 years old. It took place on a Wednesday night during a church-wide watermelon fellowship after a worship time. Don't think I hadn't noticed her!

She walked up to me, reached out her hand and said, ''Hi. I'm Julie.'' Without saying a word, I reached out and took her hand in mine, leaned down and kissed her hand and said, ''I'm Ernest Easley. It's a pleasure meeting you.'' Help or Hinder? What do you think? I can answer that: HELP! That kiss started a relationship that's now in it's 36th year!

Weather it's a job interview or a first date or some other important event in our life, much of the time what we do can either help us or hinder us when it comes to success.

That's also true in our prayer life. We can either help our prayers to accomplish a lot or we can hinder our prayers to accomplish a little. When I pray, I want my prayers to accomplish much. Those that I love and pray for need for my prayers to accomplish much, not a little! Those that you love and pray for need for your prayers to accomplish much, not a little.

When we pray for others, we want God to hear us and respond and for those whom we pray for to see the mighty hand of God! And yet, I'm afraid we often hinder ...

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