by Claude Thomas

Text: John 19:17-19, 30, 40-42; 20:1-2, 11, 19, 24-25,

U.T.: Hope because of the Resurrection

SST:The resurrection of Christ renewed the hope
of his followers being turned from despair and
doubtful followers to delighted, dynamic, and
determined disciples.

Thesis:The resurrection of jesus gives believers
hope for time and eternity in all situations.

M.O.: Supportive

S.O.: Encourage hearers in their confidence in Christ the
Risen Lord.

Authority: Direct

Title: "There is Hope!"

Most of us have heard it, said it, or felt it, "He's
at the end of his rope." What does this mean? It means
that an individual has arrived at the place where
virtually no hope.
During earthly ministry of Jesus, people gathered
around him and many were committed to him. They watched
as he carried a cross to Golgotha outside the city walls
of Jerusalem. Some were present when he was crucified
and heard him cry, "It is finished!"
It is possbile that they saw from a distance as his
body was carried to the tomb and saw the stone cover the
entrance to the tomb. At that point the followers of
Christ were at the end of their rope.
If the narrative conlcuded at a covered tomb, then
hope would be gone. But it didn't end with a closed
tomb. Jesus rose from the dead, emerged from the tomb,
appeared to hundreds of followers, and he lives today!
And because he lives there is hope!

I. There is hope for the despairing. (John 20:1, 2, 11,

Explanation of the Text
Many stood outside the empty tomb weeping. At one
time, her life was filled with despair. She was the
victim of comsu ...

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