by Claude Thomas

The Holy Spirit: Person or Power?
Claude Thomas
John 14:16-18

I. The Holy Spirit is a Divine Person

Application of the Text There is a misconception that the Holy Spirit is not a person. The first misconception is that the Holy Spirit cannot be a personality because the infinite cannot be a person. This position makes ''God in the image of man'' rather than ''man in the image of God.''
The second misconception is that The Holy Spirit is not a personality but a power. This view
was first taught by Paul of Samasota in the third century A.D., and it was revived by Laelius and
Faustus Socinus about the time of the Reformation. Socianism is found in contemporary Christians who empahsize the Holy Spirit as power or influence to be used rather than the Person to whom you surrender and through whom you experience the power of God.
The third misconception is that the Holy Spirit is not personality but ''it.'' This view is encouraged by the translation of the Authorized Version. The Koine Greek word for spirit has a neuter gender, and the Authorized Version translates the word ''it'' which is good grammar but misleading in theological truth.There is also a misconcepti ...

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