by Lenny Ports

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Don't Let Your Guard Down - Part 1 (4 of 7)
Series: Victory In Jesus
Lenny Ports
Exodus 14:9-14

The crisis in the world today is how are we going to stop the terrorist group called ISIS. Should we attack by land or by air? What about this weird outbreak of ebola virus? Is it some kind of biological warfare? Should we be living in a state of fear regarding what might come upon this nation? How many know we are fighting a war? But the warfare that we are in is not against flesh and blood. It is not in the physical realm. It is in the spiritual realm. It takes place in the invisible.

What about on the home front, in our own personal lives? We may not be fighting terrorist groups, but we may be fighting our own war against terror and fear. We may be engaged in battle within ourselves trying to live for God, but having our own personal struggles.

Young people trying to find their identity in Christ but looking to be accepted by their friends at school.
A middle aged businessman struggling in his commitment to Christ because he wants to climb the corporate ladder and cares too much what his boss thinks
A single mom who gave her life for her kids finds companionship with her trainer at the gym
A young man struggling with a pornography addiction since his teen years can't seem to break the ugly cycle of giving into temptation, committing the sin, dealing with the guilt, and then asking forgiveness, only to do it all over again.

I would dare to say that the reason that many people are doing things in secret and somehow justifying their behavior is because 1) they commit the sin of comparison (''I'm not as bad as so and so''); and 2) they don't see what and who is behind what they are doing.

Our warfare prayer must be ''Lord, open his or her eyes to see into the spirit realm.'' If our eyes could be opened to see beyond the natural and into the supernatural, here's what we would see:

We would see the enemy trying to find every avenue possible to ...

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