by Claude Thomas

John 15:1-11

Introduction: A conference speaker concluded each session with the exciting encouragement:
"Whatever you do, don't miss the joy!" that's a good word. R.L. Stevenson nearing
life's end said, "To miss the joy is to miss everything."

Today, there is a premium placed upon joy. People everywhere want it. But it seems
many miss it. The good news from God is that we can have joy. Jesus told His
followers they could have His joy and their joy could be fulfilled. This true joy wasn't
dependent upon "the things happening to them" but upon adherence to principles he
gave them.

Transition Statement: Identify, accept, and act upon these principles.

I. Know the Source of Joy - v. 1

Transition Statement: It is at the point of the primary principle that most miss the joy.

1) Searching and looking in wrong places. "Crafted buckets won't hold

Application: Intellectual Skepticism. Voltaire said, "I wish I had
never been born."

Application: Pursuit of Pleasure. Lord Byron said, "The worm, the
canker, the grief are mine alone."

Application: Security of Possessions. Jay Gould said, "I suppose I
am the most miserable person on earth."

Application: Fascination with Power. Alexander the Great wept
when he was without any more ...

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