by Lenny Ports

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Don’t Let Your Guard Down - Part 2 (5 of 7)
Series: Victory In Jesus
Lenny Ports
Ephesians 6:10-20

We are continuing in the message from last week titled ''Don’t Let Your Guard Down.'' Last week we put it in context and talked about all the chapters in the book of Ephesians leading up to chapter 6 and how important it is for us to make sure that we have everything in order before we enter into spiritual warfare prayer:

Know who you are in Christ
Stay strong in your inner man
Know that Jesus dwells in your hearts
Put off your old man and put on your new man
Be grounded in the love that Christ has for you
Know who you are in the church - that you are being equipped for the ministry that God has for you, and that each and every one of your brothers and sisters in Christ is there for your growth
Church love one another, be kind one to another, forgive one another just as Christ has forgiven you
Walk cautiously and wisely understanding the will of the Lord
Husbands love your wives
Wives respect your husbands
Children obey and honor your parents
Employees work for your boss like you would for Jesus
Employers treat your employees well

He then breaks into the text regarding the armor of God. Here was my point last week, we must work on these areas. If we don’t work on these areas of our lives, then you will not be as effective as you can be against the schemes of devil. As we get into the armor of God, we must realize that we must keep on every piece of the armor in order to stay victorious. At any given time if we let our guard down or take one piece of the armor off we are susceptible to an attack from the enemy. We are not ignorant of the enemy's schemes and so this message will equip you to be prepared and stay prepared in order to win in life.

Are you ready? Let’s pray…

Before we get into the word together, I have a question for you: What were your worst types of nightmares? How about the ones when you are trying to run away from someo ...

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