by Stephen Whitney

Failure To Prepare (4 of 7)
Overcoming Failure - Lessons From The Life Of Peter
Steohen Whitney
Luke 22:31-62

In June 1835 a Mexican warship seized the American schooner Martha for ''customs violations.'' President Andrew Jackson sent U.S. Coast Guard Cutter Ingham to rescue those who had been captured. On June 13th the Mexicans opened fire on the Ingham thinking that it was another merchant ship.

In response the Ingham raised their ensign at 7:40, revealing they were a war ship. As soon as they realized that the American ship was armed the Mexican captain raised his sails to get away.

By 12:00 they were unable to escape the pursing Ingham so the captain chose to run his ship aground which caused heavy damage. The Ingham was then able to rescue all of the prisoners. The story in the newspaper called the Ingham ''Semper Paratus'' meaning Always Ready which eventually became motto of the Coast Guard.

In war you always need to be ready to fight because you never know when you will be attacked. In our spiritual life we always must be ready because we never know when Satan will attack us.

He often attacks us when he thinks we are not watching so we are not prepared and will fall for his deception and sin against God.

Bill Crowder wrote, ''There is no substitute for preparation. It's only when we are properly prepared for the challenges of life that we can face them in the grace of our heavenly Father.''

WARNING WAS GIVEN First Warning :31-34 Jesus knew that difficult times were ahead of the disciples over the next hours and he specifically warned Peter that Satan would tempt him to shake his faith in Jesus as the promised OT Messiah.

:32 Jesus gave Peter the assurance he had prayed for him so that his faith would not fail even when he fell into temptation.

:33 Peter felt that his allegiance to Jesus was so strong that nothing could cause him abandon him. He was willing to die for him.

:34 As a result of Peter's bold claim Jesus clearly ...

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