by Claude Thomas

John 14:27

Introduction: If you have flown very much, you have probably heard, "The captain has turned
on the seat belt sign. Please fasten your seat belt and remain in your seat. We are
expecting to experience some turbulence for the next few minutes." Been there? Most
of has have.

In the 14th chapter of John, we get to look in on another secret scene from the life of
Christ. He is still in the Upper Room of the Passover, the Lord's Supper, the New
Commandment ... and now the Promised Peace. "My peace I give to you." Sounds
great -- and the disciples were going to cherish the thought because in the next few
hours, they would be going through a turbulent time!

I. The Need of Promised Peace ... these are turbulent times.

Application: Turbulence is sometimes the result of our own actions.
1) Failing to deposit - overdrawn
2) Fast driving - earn speeding ticket
These disturb our calm, yet they are things we can do something about.

Application: Sometimes turbulence comes out of things beyond our control.
1) Loss of job
2) Sickness
3) Death
These are changes we do not want, yet they come.

Explanation: What caused the disciples to be "troubled and fearful"? The answer is
simple. Jesus announced there would be a change in their relationship with
Him. He announced He was leaving and they could not go. This meant a
change of plans for their future. The changes were unsolicited ...

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