by James Merritt

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Series: One Thing
James Merritt
Philippians 3:12-14


1. I believe that every year that God gives us on this earth is to be a year where we are as productive as we can be for His work and as pleasing as we can be for His glory. The longer you live the more you realize just how fleeting these years are and just how important it is to maximize the potential of each year for being what we ought to be and doing what we ought to do.

2. Every year at least half of us in this will do something that in the beginning will be very exhilarating, but in the end very frustrating. We will make New Year's Resolutions. According to the top ten resolutions that Americans make every New Year's Day are the following:

Top Ten New Year's Resolutions
1. Lose Weight
2. Manage Debt/Save Money
3. Get Physically Fit
4. Eat Healthy
5. Learn Something New
6. Drink Less Alcohol
7. Quit Smoking
8. Reduce Stress
9. Take A Trip Somewhere
10. Volunteer To Help Others

3. Those are all very good resolutions. The problem is 4-out-of-5 people who make them will break them. One-third of people who make resolutions won't get past the end of January before they break them. That is why I believe what we need is not a New Year's resolution, but what we need is a New Year's revolution. That is what we are going to be talking over the next two weeks. What does God say to us? He does have plenty to say about how we can maximize every year He gives us to reach our God-given potential to be what we ought to be, do what we ought to do and become what we ought to become.

4. Why do people fail in keeping New Year's resolutions? Why is it so many of us come to the end of one year with the same baggage we carried in the year before? We come to the end of the year and we are no further along in our spiritual lives, our social lives, our physical lives, or our vocational lives than we were the year before. The date changes, but the destination ha ...

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