by James Merritt

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First Thing (2 of 2)
Series: One Thing
James Merritt
Matthew 6:25-34


1. Have you ever been so worried about anything at any time in your life that you couldn't sleep? I don't mean just for a day or two, but I mean weeks or maybe even months. If you have, listen to this true story. A man I know was dealing with a problem related to his ministry that so obsessed him and so worried him that for over a month, he was going on about 3 ½ - 4 hours of sleep a night. Different friends and coworkers would comment to him jokingly that they would get an email from him at 11:30-12am and then a follow-up email at 3-3:30am in the morning. The man knew that he couldn't keep going. Physically, his energy was being sucked down the drain of worry. Emotionally, his happiness was being blown away by the wind of worry. Spiritually, his joy was being burned up in the furnace of worry.

2. Then literally, one day his worry basically dissipated. It wasn't that he no longer cared, because not worrying doesn't mean you quit caring. It is not that he did not quit thinking about what he could do to deal with the situation, because worrying does not mean that you just give up. You don't just as the old saying goes, ''Let go and let God.'' There is a difference between being pro-active toward a problem and being pre-occupied with a problem. There is a difference between being active in solving a problem and being anxious that you have one. What happened is that he realized that his priorities were out of order.

3. This is also illustrated in a story I read about Desert Storm. There was a colonel by the name of William Post. He was in charge of receiving all of the incoming supplies for the United States Ground Forces. Among these supplies were the tons of food that would come in every day.

4. One day, Colonel Post received a message from The Pentagon requesting that he account for 40 cases of missing grape jelly. The colonel sent a solider to investigate the missi ...

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